ПАТРОН СТАНКОВ 1Н983, 1А983, СА983, РТ783 И ИХ ИСПОЛНЕНИЙ Патрон 1Н983, СА983 - Запчасти от производителя. Патрон специальных трубонарезных станков 1Н983, 1А983, СА983, РТ783 и их исполнений.


О Компании и мешках

Staff To work in two shifts of the plant, 8 people are required: four workers (equipment operators), a manager, a manager for receiving raw materials and shipping finished goods, a cleaner, and an accountant. That's about $4,000 in payroll per month.

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The hot mass is passed through the hole of the extruder head, then it is cooled, and as a result we get a thin film; The film is cut into threads of a given thickness, they are removed and carefully wound onto bobbins;

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