Дизельные вилочные погрузчики разной грузоподъемности для складских помещений.. Вилочный погрузчик 5 тонн. Вилочный погрузчик 5 тонн дизельный. Вилочный погрузчик 5 тонн с дизельным двигателем является мощный. . .


О Компании и мешках

Then the fabric part is made. The resulting threads are fed to a loom, where they are connected into a sleeve of a given size (the width of the package depends on this). Then the product is wound on reels; With the help of a thermo-knife or a semi-automatic device, the sleeve is cut into blanks of a certain size, from which bags are sewn;

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It does not make sense to buy each machine for the production of polypropylene bags separately, it is better to buy a ready-made industrial line. In Ukraine, there are well-known manufacturers "Aleko", "AsiaTechnoImport" (importer of equipment from China). Among Asian companies, low-cost lines are offered by HAO YU Precision Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), "Mitra Trading" (China). High quality Japanese equipment costs from 15 thousand dollars. Chinese can be purchased for $4500-5000. Its average productivity is 250,000 items per month.

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