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О Компании и мешках

Staff To work in two shifts of the plant, 8 people are required: four workers (equipment operators), a manager, a manager for receiving raw materials and shipping finished goods, a cleaner, and an accountant. That's about $4,000 in payroll per month.

Do you need polypropylene bags for non-standard use? We are ready to fulfill the most non-standard orders. The company's assets include the production of containers for snow removal companies, underwater construction, environmentally friendly adobe building materials and other exclusive projects.

"Polybags" at any time can provide you from a warehouse or by order: polypropylene packaging of the classic type - all the goods presented in the assortment are always available; current novelties of the world market - from bags made of transparent and colored fabric to laminated products; bags with the branding of your company - such packaging will make your products known and help promote the brand; polypropylene fabric and sleeves, as well as related products - ties and seals, bag sewing equipment and much more.

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