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О Компании и мешках

Sewing is done on special sewing machines: the bottom is sewn up, the neck is processed. To increase the density, you can insert a polyethylene layer inside the product, sewing it to the neck; Package. The finished product is packaged in bags of 100, 500 or 1000 pieces. A big plus of these products is that they do not require special storage conditions and can lie for quite a long time in the warehouse.

Регистрация – 70$; Аренда производственной площади на три месяца вперед, ремонт – 5300$; Линия по производству полипропиленовых мешков, покупка и установка – 5500$;

Raw materials for the production of polypropylene bags The main material is polypropylene primary or secondary. Secondary is recycled polymer products, it is sold in granules and is cheaper than primary. In a month, for the manufacture of 250 thousand units, about 20 tons of consumables will be needed. With the wholesale cost of a kilogram of $0.5-0.6 per month, you will have to spend about $10,500 on the purchase of granules.

Бумажные мешки Полипропиленовые мешки
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