Чем лучше луч лазера поглощается водой, тем сильнее его аблятивные свойства Локальная плоскостная работа, там, где это необходимо. Контрпример – СО2 лазеры работают только фракционно. Тренд: идеальная процедура – без реабилитации, «встал и пошел», максимально возможный эффект, желательно, после первой же процедуры.


О Компании и мешках

They are well suited for flour, sugar, construction debris, sand, cement, various feeds, grains and cereals, fertilizers, etc. Therefore, the product is popular and versatile. It is designed for weights of 5, 10, 20, 50 kg or more.

Types and features of polypropylene bags The production of polymer bag containers is the main activity of our company. We produce products of different density and volume, designed for weights from 3 to 100 kg, with valves and an insert, with moisture-proof inserts, bags and bags in rolls. You will find detailed characteristics and photos of each category of packaging in the catalog of our website.

"Polybags" at any time can provide you from a warehouse or by order: polypropylene packaging of the classic type - all the goods presented in the assortment are always available; current novelties of the world market - from bags made of transparent and colored fabric to laminated products; bags with the branding of your company - such packaging will make your products known and help promote the brand; polypropylene fabric and sleeves, as well as related products - ties and seals, bag sewing equipment and much more.

Бумажные мешки Полипропиленовые мешки
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