О Компании и мешках

Buy polypropylene bags in bulk from the manufacturer. The most demanded type of modern packaging for bulk products - polypropylene bags to buy in bulk: durable, comfortable, inexpensive, resistant to moisture and low temperatures, easy to withstand significant weight. They are ideal for storing and transporting flour, sugar, cereals and grains, fertilizers and granular plastics, mortars and chemicals, fabrics and other types of food, agricultural and industrial products.

Polybags is a recognized leader in the production of plastic bags in Ukraine. We manufacture a full range of high quality packaging for any purpose our customers may have.

Products are always in stock, so you can buy polypropylene bags at least in bulk, even in bulk, even in large quantities. We will deliver, as much as you ask, to any point in Ukraine.

Бумажные мешки Полипропиленовые мешки
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