Такая лепнина в интерьере квартиры хоть и требует усилий для установки.. в интерьере квартиры. Лепнина в интерьере квартиры – это очень красиво и оригинально. Она подчеркнет вашу индивидуальность и стиль самого жилья.


О Компании и мешках

The hot mass is passed through the hole of the extruder head, then it is cooled, and as a result we get a thin film; The film is cut into threads of a given thickness, they are removed and carefully wound onto bobbins;

Ceiling height from three meters; availability of ventilation, 380 V power supply, water supply, heating system, sewerage; the presence of air filters; The walls and floor of the production hall are tiled (ceramic). It is best to rent a building on the outskirts of the city in order to avoid problems with the delivery of consumables and the export of the finished product. Rent will cost about $1100 per month. Approximately $ 2,000 is required to repair and connect communications.

Branding, application of logos and inscriptions is carried out before the tailoring of the final product. At this stage, black-and-white or color printing takes place on blanks;

Бумажные мешки Полипропиленовые мешки
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