Багет лепнины гладкий декор из гипса Кг-01_025 в мастерской TerraAlba недорого Багет лепнины гладкий декор из гипса Кг-01_025 в мастерской TerraAlba. Оптимальное сочетание цены и качества.


О Компании и мешках

The hot mass is passed through the hole of the extruder head, then it is cooled, and as a result we get a thin film; The film is cut into threads of a given thickness, they are removed and carefully wound onto bobbins;

Buy polypropylene bags in bulk from the manufacturer. The most demanded type of modern packaging for bulk products - polypropylene bags to buy in bulk: durable, comfortable, inexpensive, resistant to moisture and low temperatures, easy to withstand significant weight. They are ideal for storing and transporting flour, sugar, cereals and grains, fertilizers and granular plastics, mortars and chemicals, fabrics and other types of food, agricultural and industrial products.

Raw materials for the production of polypropylene bags The main material is polypropylene primary or secondary. Secondary is recycled polymer products, it is sold in granules and is cheaper than primary. In a month, for the manufacture of 250 thousand units, about 20 tons of consumables will be needed. With the wholesale cost of a kilogram of $0.5-0.6 per month, you will have to spend about $10,500 on the purchase of granules.

Бумажные мешки Полипропиленовые мешки
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